Wednesday, September 22, 2004


How ConnectMe Boots

When a ConnectMe boots up, it first executes the Boot Loader. I have described that piece of code in another entry. When the Boot Loader executes your application, here's what happens:

The first code that executes is netos60_gnu/src/bsp/arm7init/INIT.s, which is part of libbsp.a (see "How Stuff is Arranged in Flash" 21Sep04). Branching from there, the BSP sets up the board and all the standard libraries. It finally calls your application's applicationStart() function from netos60_gnu/src/bsp/common/bsproot.c. Your app then sets up its own threads. After applicationStart() returns, execution passes to an idle task, and the ConnectMe is basically dead except for your application's threads.

Larry Martin
Copyright (c) 2004 Larry Martin. All Rights reserved.

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