Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Updating S Modules

Getting to the end now...

The other thing I learned when I started trying to overwrite S modules was that the Standard firmware's update method does not always work. With both Netscape and Internet Explorer, I failed to upload my image.bin file to the Standard firmware's update page:


Every time, I got the message "Document contains no data"

Tech Support made me try a few more times, then told me that there is an undocumented code update protocol in addition to ftp, tftp and http (the Standard firmware has no ftp or tftp service). They provided me a Windows command line program that implements the protocol - it's called dgdcprog.exe. If you have this problem with S modules, request that program from Tech Support. Here's how to use it:

dgdcprog /discover
(note MAC address in reply)
dgdcprog /set /firmware=image.bin /mac=(MAC from previous reply)

Larry Martin
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