Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Digi Knowledge Base

Digi has started building a ConnectMe knowledge base (KB):

This link:

takes you to an article titled "The Digi CM disaster recovery procedure". I found the article by searching the KB for "boot loader", with the Product ID set for "Any". When I searched with the product ID set for "ConnectMe" the KB did not show me this article.

While I can't reprint the article here, the gist is: connect a terminal (9600N81) to the broken ConnectMe and press ESCape within 3 seconds of powerup. Then you get a recovery menu. I've heard from Digi tech support that the S-type boot loader is different from the NetOS one. So, presumably, this procedure is only for S-type ConnectMe.

Incidentally, I have tried this and it has not yet worked for me. The problem could still be me. I'll post again when I know for sure.

Larry Martin
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As it turns out, "Digi CM" is not the same as "Digi ConnectMe".

The ConnectMe is referred to in the KB under several names.
Searching for "ConnectMe" yields two hits, but there are at least 10 articles dealing with ConnectMe, Connect ME, Connect Integrator Kit and/or Connect Development Board.
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